Do I need security for my business?

      Of course you do.  Any business is susceptible to theft and damage.  

       Why wait till after something happens before protecting yourself?

How do I choose a video system?

     There are many choices, and several technologies.  Analog has been available for years, however the clarity of the image is much weaker than what is available today.   TVI is now available across older coaxial cable, allowing camera resolution of up to 2 megapixel using your existing wiring.  IP cameras use Cat6 wiring, and can handle much higher resolution.

     It comes down to your needs, and your budget.  Speak with us - we will help you understand the differences and what will benefit you.

Is Security Expensive?

     Not as expensive as a theft, or property damage, or perhaps a wrongful workman's compensation issue.

     ALSO - your commercial insurance carrier may provide a discount on your insurance policy which will help offset the cost.


     You can relax when you are away from your business - it is secure.






Of Course, You Can Always Check On Your Business From Anywhere By Phone!